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FATE – Families Against Terrorism and Extremism – is an organic network of families, family-oriented organisations and counter-extremism groups working in communities across Europe to prevent radicalisation, counter violent extremism and fight back against terrorism. More information and all FATE resources are available online at

FATE is here to help. We must intervene, preventing tragedies when vulnerable people are moving towards violence, and we must help to stop young people moving down that dangerous path in the first place. We want to ensure that all families have the information, resources and support network to take action and make the all-important difference.

We are building a community to share resources, information and support to help those currently doing this important work and to inspire more families to engage. FATE is a transmedia campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the important role of families in countering violent extremism, encourage more families to engage with this crucial work, and support vulnerable families by linking them up to the amazing work happening locally in their communities.

FATE consortium

The agony and fear of losing a loved one is universal. We all share it. The pain of emptiness, longing and anger is overwhelming. Losing a loved one is agonising, but losing a loved one to violent extremism is worse. This tragedy can be prevented. The days, weeks, months and years waiting for them to return. A pain shared by the whole family.  A pain that can be avoided. Find FATE.

As families, we must now come together to show our strength. We have a role in countering the dangerous narratives that hold power over our young people. We must act as support networks for these young people, ensuring that they don’t make the same mistakes as so many others have before them. Travelling to join terrorist groups, associating with violent extremist organisations, promoting dialogue over division, sharing extremist propaganda online and shutting out families and friends in favour of those who perpetuate hate. All of these things must be stopped.

Join FATE, engage with our network, share the content from our website and social media channels with your networks, and get involved with the amazing local work near you that is being done by the FATE team.

Our strength is in our diversity and our ability to engage families at a local level. Please help us in this mission, by encouraging your organisation to join the FATE network. Sign up by emailing [email protected] and attach your organisation’s logo and website so we can help families reach you


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