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While realizing that the fight against extremism cannot be solved by NGOs like Quilliam solely, we severely need civil society as a whole to step up to name the threat of Islamist extremism and discuss it in communities, in order to isolate and challenge it. Only by making Islamist extremism unattractive in communities can we effectively defeat it. In this regard the Quilliam Circle enables, and even promotes, such civil society empowerment, as our coaching sessions seek to teach our Circle friends how they (and you) can better stand up against extremism in your daily life – and teach others how to do the same. Reversely, it gives us a chance to connect with local communities and expand our message for solidarity, human rights, and pluralism.



Quilliam relies on the generous donations of individuals in order to carry out the work we do. Donations are invested in a number of aspects of our work, such as research, engaging with the wider community and general running costs.

To set up a monthly donation, please click on the link here. We value donations of all amounts, and personally acknowledge each donation.


Quilliam is very grateful to the support that interns provide. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are unable to pay interns though we do provide a daily stipend to cover expenses. Interns support our research, outreach and policy teams and bring a wide range of skills. They tend to volunteer for 3 days per week, for an average of 3 months, and see their time at Quilliam as an opportunity to work in a small office environment, with experienced researchers and activists, and to learn about counter-extremism approaches. Over the last 3 years, many interns including several current staff members have been offered full-time jobs at Quilliam, and we tend to prioritise interns for entry-level positions. If you are interested in interning with Quilliam, please email [email protected] with your CV, a cover letter and a relevant writing sample, and you may be invited to interview when opportunities arise. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all candidates, and encourage unsuccessful candidates to Get Involved with Quilliam in other ways listed on this page. We are currently seeking Arabic-speaking interns – more information is available here.

Be creative!

At Quilliam, we believe that tackling extremist ideology requires civil society to engage in promoting effective counter-narratives to harmful ideology. Counter-narratives can be communicated in a number of ways, including writing poems, as well as other artistic and creative expressions! Be creative!!

Please send us your creative counter-narrative work. We always enjoy seeing creative work!

For those aged 16-24, enter our video Open Your Eyes competition by clicking here. Create a short video on one of the listed topics. The winner of the competition receives two tickets to our summer ball where their video will be screened to industry professionals and a cash prize of £150!


At Quilliam we are committed to engaging with the wider community to increase the understanding and awareness of issues related to extremism. Our outreach programme involves visits to universities and high schools and are typically delivered in the format of a talk followed by a question and answer session. Subjects of discussion include radicalisation, distinguishing between the religion Islam from the political ideology Islamism, and what we can do to address the issue of extremism as a civil society.

If you are interested in inviting a Quilliam member of staff to your school or university to deliver a lecture on a particular issue or provide a workshop, please contact [email protected].

Write for our blog:

We are always looking for talented writers interested in writing op-eds about issues concerning extremism. Have you recently attended an event which you would like to share your experiences about? Do you have an opinion on current affairs relating to extremism and terrorism? Are you engaged in producing counter-narratives and would like to share your experiences? Or have you recently read a book relevant to our work which you would like to review? We welcome all submissions – Please send your op-eds attached to an e-mail to [email protected].

It is important to remember that not all articles will be published and that Quilliam holds the rights to edit any pieces we receive.

Spread the message:

The work Quilliam engages in wouldn’t be heard if it wasn’t for our amazing followers. With your help, through social media we are able to reach communities around the world to promote democracy, pluralism and belonging in a globalised society on a global stage.

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