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Quilliam’s publications draw on one-to-one interviews, surveys and a range of secondary data sources, including research studies, government reports, academic articles, news sources, and surveys.

The EU and Terrorism: Is Britain Safer In or Out?

by Maajid Nawaz & Julia Ebner

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Preventing Violent Extremism Online Through Public-Private Partnerships

by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)”

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The Children of Islamic State

by Noman Benotman & Nikita Malik

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Countering Islamist Extremist Narratives – A Strategic Briefing

by Jonathan Russell and Haras Rafiq

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White Paper – Youth Led Pathways from Extremism

by Mark Brennan, Pat Dolan, Haras Rafiq, Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Rosemary Jolly, and Sarah Eissler

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Caliphettes: Women and the appeal of Islamic State

by Haras Rafiq and Nikita Malik

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Documenting the Virtual ‘Caliphate’

by Charlie Winter

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In and Out of Extremism

by Ruth Manning & Courtney La Bau

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Counter-Extremism: A Decade on from 7/7

by Jonathan Russell and Alex Theodosiou

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The Virtual ‘Caliphate’: Understanding Islamic State’s Propaganda Strategy

by Charlie Winter

English (PDF 2M) Arabic (PDF 2M)

Quilliam Strategic Assessment: Islamic State One Year On

by Noman Benotman and Charlie Winter

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South Asian Militant Groups and Global Jihad in 2015

by Nikita Malik and Eleanor Beevor

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From Dhimmitude to Democracy: Islamic Law, Non-Muslims & Equal Citizenship

by Dr Usama Hasan

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From Dhimmitude to Democracy: Islamic Law, Non-Muslims & Equal Citizenship (Abridged Version)

by Dr Usama Hasan

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Jihad Trending: A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and how to counter it

by Ghaffar Hussain and Dr Erin Marie Saltman

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Women of the Islamic State: A Manifesto on Women by the Al-Khanssaa Brigade

by Charlie Winter

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Libya: The Strategic Gateway for the Islamic State

by Charlie Winter

17 February 2015

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Detailed Analysis of Islamic State Propaganda Video: Although the Disbelievers Dislike It

by Charlie Winter

19 December 2014

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White Paper – The Role of Prevent in Countering Online Extremism

by Dr Erin Marie Saltman & Jonathan Russell

02 December 2014

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Islamic State: The Changing Face of Modern Jihadism

by Dr Erin Marie Saltman & Charlie Winter

04 November 2014

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The Muslim Brotherhood in the UK

by Quilliam Foundation

28 August 2014

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Expert Witness & Personal Testimony: USA vs. Babar Ahmad, USA vs Syed Talha Ahsan

by Dr Usama Hasan

15 April 2014

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‘Democracy is Hypocrisy’ – European Muslims, Democratic Malaise and Islamist Extremism

by Dr Usama Hasan and Charlie Cooper

31 March 2014

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Policy Briefing: Instability in Libya

by Noman Benotman

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Policy Briefing: The Limitations of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures

by Quilliam Foundation

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Israel-Palestine: The Peace Process and Global Extremist Discourse

by Noman Benotman and Ed Swan

Download (PDF 451K)

A New Index to Assess the Effectiveness of Al Qaeda

by Noman Benotman and Jonathan Russell

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Turkey’s Role as a Regional Power: Its Scope, Challenges and Future

by Quilliam Foundation

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No Compulsion In Religion – Islam and the Freedom of Belief

by Usama Hasan

Includes an Appendix discussing the death penalty for apostasy in Sharia

Download (PDF 19.9M)

Quilliam Policy Document: The Need for a Clear and Consistent National Counter-Extremism Strategy

by Quilliam Foundation

Download (PDF 70K)

Strategic Assessment: The Middle East’s Changing Political Landscape

by Quilliam Foundation

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The Balance of Islam in Challenging Extremism

by Usama Hasan

This outlines the intrinsic Islamic teachings about balance and moderation, and highlights Qur’anic warnings against extremism, as well as the Prophet Muhammad’s specific, practical advice about manifesting faith in such a way as to avoid extremes. Ways to combat extremism are then outlined from the Islamic tradition, including dialogue, respect for human rights and religious expression, with reference to Islamic history as well as more recent events.

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It’s Salafi-Jihadist Insurgency, Stupid!: A Policy Briefing

by Noman Benotman, Gioia Forster and Roisin Blake

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Jabhat al-Nusra: A Strategic Briefing

by Noman Benotman and Roisin Blake

Download (PDF 427K)

Concept Paper: Muslim Communities: Between Integration and Securitization

by Quilliam Foundation

Download (PDF 378K)

Concept Paper: No Compulsion in Religion: An Islamic Case Against Blasphemy Laws

by Quilliam Foundation

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Concept Paper: The Jihadist Network in the Syrian Revolution

by Noman Benotman and Emad Naseraldin After eighteen months of fighting in the Syrian revolution against the al-Assad CLAN dictatorship, the world is still asking the same old questions – Who are the fighters? What do they stand for? Where are they from?

Download (PDF 402K)

Re-programming British Muslims: A Study of the Islam Channel

by Talal Rajab In 2004 the Islam Channel was launched in Britain. Over the years the channel has grown in terms of the number of different programmes broadcast and the variety of topics that are covered on its airwaves…

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Pulling Together to Defeat Terror

by Quilliam Foundation Based upon wide discussions and consultations, the following is a preliminary set of recommendations for uprooting Islamist Extremism put forward by Quilliam Foundation.

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Immigrant, Muslim, Female: Triple Paralysis?

by Anya Hart Dyke and Lucy James

Download (PDF 980K)

Skin Deep Democracy

by Anya Hart Dyke and George Readings

Download (PDF 1.6M)

Mosques Made In Britain

by Anya Hart Dyke

Download (PDF 836K)

In Defence of British Muslims: A response to BNP racist propaganda

by Lucy James

Download (PDF 313K)

Cheering For Osama: How Jihadists Use The Internet Forums

by Mohammed Ali Musawi

Download (PDF 313K)

Islamism and Language: How Using the Wrong Words Reinforces Islamist Narratives

by George Readings, James Brandon & Richard Phelps

Download (PDF 830K)

Unlocking Al-Qaeda

by James Brandon

Download (PDF 3.2M)

A brief history of Islamism

by Ghaffar Hussain, 2010

Download (PDF 3M)

A selected translation of the LIFG Recantation Document

by Ali Musawi, 2009

Download (PDF 680K)