Osama Filali Naji – Islam and the presumption of innocence

Acknowledgments: I would like to acknowledge and thank Adriana Perez-Rodriguez for her inspirational commitment to women’s rights and her leads on current human rights’ issues in the wider Middle East. I would also like to convey my gratitude to Aneesa Chaudri and Jonathon Russell for their constructive insights and criticisms...
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Dr Benedict Greening: NATO must recalibrate its relationship with Turkey in order to tackle the extremist threat

As NATO’s leaders meet this week for the summit in south Wales, the lofty atmosphere will be freighted with awareness both of the continuing ‘ethnic cleansing’ and horrific executions being perpetrated by Islamist militants loyal to Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq. With news that extremists now control much...
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Some Thoughts on the Black Flag, as Misappropriated by Islamists

19 August 2014 Editorial: Since the start of the crisis in Gaza, mass rallies and demonstrations have dominated the streets of many Western cities, as pro-Palestinian protesters march in their thousands chanting “free Palestine” and “end the occupation”. Despite efforts to peacefully convey messages denouncing Israeli military policy in the...
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