Ghaffar Hussain: Managing Director

Ghaffar Hussain is Managing Director at Quilliam. He holds a BSc (HONS) in Psychology from the University of Wales and an MA in Politics (with Distinction) from the University of Sheffield. In his youth, he was a very active supporter of a number of non-violent Islamist organizations in the UK. He now works to challenge extremism and to promote positive modes of political engagement.

Ghaffar regularly travels around the UK, North America, and Europe in order to speak with policy makers and practitioners about radicalization as a phenomenon. His research focuses on analyzing extremist trends in western societies, as well as contributory factors, such as identity, alienation and perceived grievances, that are conducive to their spread.

His published research includes:

– A Brief History of Islamism

– Modern Muslim Political Thought – The Progressive Tradition

– Jihad Trending – A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and How to Counter it

His written work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Spectator, The Daily Beast, The Daily Telegraph as well as many other national and international publications. He has also made regular appearances on Sky News, BBC World, ITV News, al-Arabiya, France 24 and al-Jazeera.